JOE's Top 5 phone numbers every college student needs on their phone 8 years ago

JOE's Top 5 phone numbers every college student needs on their phone

Put these on speed dial...

The college year is starting soon as students all around Ireland gear up for another year of watching Jeremy Kyle, drinking like parched fishes in the Sahara, and the occasional studying session for their respective degrees.


There are always some essential phone numbers that all college students need to keep in their phones so, with this in mind, we've decided to take a look at five of them.

A reliable roommate

For most students, college will be the first time that they're living away from home and the mix of people that you can find in your apartment or house is usually pretty mad.

JOE's college roommates were a motley crew comprised of slackers, geeks, weirdos, cool people and that one girl who showed up for the first day, but then never reappeared because she was living with her boyfriend while her parents paid a year's worth of rent.


Keep the cool people close by, because they can usually get you out of a spot of bother at 3am after you've forgotten your keys and are thinking about climbing up the drainpipe to get in.

We really hope you don't end up with someone like this though...

Clip via - Banana Post


The local take-away

We're fairly certain that all of the JOE readers are expert chefs that can give the likes of Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsey a good run for their money in the kitchen, however, if you're like us then there are times when you just can't be bothered cooking.

We think it's essential that you have all of these local restaurants in your phone; Chinese, pizzeria, Indian and the chipper. FYI, it's never a good sign when you get to know the entire family history of the person delivering your food.

That being said, JOE is considering asking our Chinese delivery man to be our best man when we get married. He is that sound.


Chinese takeaway generic

Your drinking buddy

College is a fantastic place to broaden your horizons, meet new people, and earn a fancy pants degree, but you can't deny the appeal of the bar.

Even if you don't drink, there are plenty of things that you can learn here like an encyclopedic knowledge of sports, the importance of a good jukebox, and just how embarrassing most people are when they drunkenly dance on top of your table.

Not JOE though, we're an amazing mix of Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson when we hit the dancefloor. What are you laughing at?


Everyone needs a good drinking buddy that can match you drink for drink and story for story. If someone texts you at 1am on a Saturday looking for a quick pint then these people are most definitely your mates.


The number of that person you were talking to at the bar

Over the years, the list of names that have been saved in JOE's phone has included the following, 'Random girl at the bar', 'Tall blonde at the Bar' and 'NDJHGHWOG7483.'

We're fairly certain that most of our college romances have saved our number in exactly the same way.

College is the perfect time to meet your very own Kate Upton/Tom Hardy... except you know that they will look absolutely nothing like them.

Word of advice, save that person-at-the-bar's number properly, because we actually ended up dating NDJHGHWOG7483? and they turned out to be just delightful.


Your Parents

OK, we all know that college is the perfect time to be hanging around with your mates and getting up to some scallywaggery in between lectures, but your folks will always be your safety net. In fact, we've used them so much that we've now actually ripped that net.

Your parents can always be relied upon for money, food, clothes, lifts, tea, cleaning and loads of craic so keep them close. You may be able to choose your friends and housemates, but your family will always be there on those weekends when you want to go home, watch the GAA in person, or hang out with your oldest friends from school.

They'll always be there to help you out, even if you've taken up all the space in the washing machine and stolen all the tea bags to bring back to college with you.

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