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28th Jul 2014

JOE’s Top Five things to do over the Bank Holiday weekend

There’s a day off work fast approaching, so ahead of the August Bank Holiday JOE takes a look at the top five things you could do over the weekend.


There’s a day off work fast approaching, so ahead of the August Bank Holiday JOE takes a look at the top five things you could do over the weekend.

Work on that farmer tan with a day out at the beach

Lets face it, it’s not often that you see an Irish lad with a glowing tan that he didn’t buy from a bottle, and one of the reasons for that is we simply don’t have the time to work on our all natural tan. Granted, the weather is a pretty big factor too….

However, so far, the forecast for the August Bank Holiday weekend is looking pretty good, so use your day off work to work on your tan down at the beach with a nice cold drink and a few ham sambos. Think of it as a mini-holiday for the day.

Just be careful you don’t get sunburnt


Crack out the BBBQ (the extra ‘B’ is for BYOBB)…

There’s nothing manlier than cooking food with fire (unless you’re a man with a beard cooking food with fire, of course), so crack out your flame pit and invite a few mates around for an evening of fine food and even finer company.

Enjoy the sights and sounds of Ireland’s festivals

We have some pretty class festivals here in Ireland and luckily for you, a lot of them take place over the August Bank Holiday weekend. If you’re a music fan then you should check out Indiependence, or if you’re REALLY into top class music then you should check out the Joe Dolan Music Festival… Yes it is a real event.

If a big music festival isn’t your cup of tea then why not check out The Galway Races festival, which takes place from Monday, July 28 to Sunday, August 3.

Meet up with some mates for a game of 5-a-side  

There really is nothing quite like having a kick around with a few good mates on a nice hot summer’s day. It’s a great excuse to see some of the lads that you may not have seen in a while and it’s also a great excuse to show off your new football boots that haven’t seen the light of day since you bought them at the start of the World Cup.


Just be careful not to get grass stains on your shorts, otherwise mammy won’t be too happy.

Clear your head with a nice long walk

If none of our suggestions above sound good to you, then maybe you’re in need of a good long walk to help you clear your head. A good walk will give you time to think over your long rambling thoughts (for better or worse) and it’s a great form of exercise too.

You may also stumble across some stunning scenery that you never even knew existed. You’ll certainly feel the better of it afterwards.

Whether you decide to have a flutter on the fillies at the Galway Races or if you do decide to go for a nice long walk as mentioned above, just remember, Anthisan Cream is a summer first aid essential, which can provide symptomatic relief of skin reaction caused by insect stings, insect bites and nettle rash and has been used for over 50 years.


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