JOE's Wish List: A new smartphone, fancy whiskey, burgers and a holiday 8 years ago

JOE's Wish List: A new smartphone, fancy whiskey, burgers and a holiday

Also known as a damn good Saturday night

What could be better than combining a new smartphone with some whiskey and a delicious burger? Well, not all at the same time, you don't want your burger getting greasy, but you know what we mean. Anyway, here's what JOE has been mostly wanting this week.


HTC One m8

If you're anything like JOE, your smartphone is a pretty important part of your life, and you're also a bit of a tech geek and want the fanciest, shiniest thing in the shop. That's where the m8 comes in.

It launches around Ireland this week, and having been to the launch event last night to see it in action first hand, this really is a very, very nice piece of kit. Apart from the upgrade on what's under the hood that makes this machine incredibly fast so that it works like a dream, the most noticeable differences are in the camera.



It has a dual UltraPixel lens that captures depth information, allowing you to take more professional looking shots as well as creating a mind-bending 3D effect. You can also add seasonal effects, and the BlinkFeed feature brings all the latest news (from JOE, of course) to the palm of your hand. So, the long and short of it is that we really want this. All donations gratefully accepted.


We're always fans of a lovely whiskey, and while we like regular Jameson as much as the next man, this Black Barrel stuff is the absolute business.


The main difference between the Black Barrel and the regular Jameson is that the fancy reserve version gets an average of 12 or so years in the cask, which gives it a smooth taste, even smoother than the original, which is seriously mellow. There's also a hint of vanilla and stewed apples here, which give it that lovely edge.

jameson 2

They've been putting on some amazing events in support of this, and unfortunately you just missed one last night, where the lads from Corner Boy were entertaining the crowds. Fear not though, there's one more event in May, so head along to their Facebook to get more details.

Burgers and holidays


We all love piling in for a burger (and garlic cheese fries) at Eddie Rocket’s so the least we can do to repay them is help out when they ask for your help. They have shot a new TV ad, two of them in fact, and they want you to help them pick which one will run on the telly. Set in space, there is a hint of Gravity about the ads, only with a lot more juicy burgers and all you have to do is log onto their Facebook page and vote for your favourite.

The best part is that one lucky voter will win €2,000 to spend on a holiday anywhere in the world, which is very decent of them altogether. Check out their page here for more details and to enter before April 14.