JOE's Wish List: Very slick Nike kicks, Lynx's latest fragrance and video games 8 years ago

JOE's Wish List: Very slick Nike kicks, Lynx's latest fragrance and video games

We're looking good, smelling great and since there's nowhere to go on Good Friday we're playing video games

JOE's weekly wish list is back with a whole pile of things we want, from stuff to improve our overpowering odour to a brand new video game.


Nike FC Tiempos

Nike have only been making football clobber for nigh on 20 years (aka a score), but boy howdy do they make some nice stuff. Not least this week we spotted the Nike FC range, and these Tiempo runners are on our list because of their lovely beautiful loveliness filled with bueatiousness.

Nike FC Tiempo Gold (1)

It's like a high top runner that's based on a classic looking football boot. The footie hipster in us is greatly pleased, and this will look fantastic with our Copa retro Colombia shirt, in honour of the late Gabriel García Márquez


Lynx Peace

The latest fragrance from Lynx comes as more than just a deodorant, as Peace will be appearing as a shampoo, shower gel, anti-perspirant, deodorant and range of hair cair products, if you don't mind. The lads at Lynx were kind enough to send some our way, and we've been smelling fresh as a daisy ever since.

While we know that it's all marketing mumbo jumbo, we do enjoy the fact that they're not going all 'manly man and naked women' for this campaign, and it's a bit more sophisticated, just like our JOE readers. Cool, man, cool.


EA Sports FIFA 2014 World Cup

We'll admit that we were pretty unconvinced about the point of these World Cup games up until we played World Cup 2010 on the PS3 a few years back, and absolutely fell in love with it. It was a bigger challenge than FIFA 10 (or in fact, FIFA 11), and it more or less took one of our favourite concepts ever and turned it into a game - the International Challenge mode from the old PES 5 & PES 6 games, which was fantastic.


We came back to play World Cup 2010 many, many times after the tournament, and well into 2012, it was genuinely that good, so we're expecting some big things from this title. The small adjustments made in the passing and the AI made the game much more difficult and much more rewarding, striking that perfect balance that keeps us coming back. More of the same, please.

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