WATCH: The new John Lewis Christmas ad has melted our hearts all over again 1 year ago

WATCH: The new John Lewis Christmas ad has melted our hearts all over again

The first sign of Christmas coming around the corner...

John Lewis has released its new Christmas ad for the holiday season this morning (4 November).


The advertisement aired on Thursday morning at 8am and will be shown on Thursday night on ITV.

The new ad depicts a young boy finding an alien in the forest near his home before Christmas.


He runs away at first, but returns the next day with a Christmas jumper and a light-up star, reflecting the spacesuit the alien arrived in.

He begins to explain Christmas to her via some classic Christmas traditions, such as decorating the tree, or eating mince pies.

As it begins to snow, the pair seem to get closer, throwing snowballs and watching romantic films together.

The alien has the power to make lights flicker, and uses this power to signal to the boy that she has to leave.


Before she goes, he gives her his Christmas jumper from the start of the ad.

She thanks him by giving him a kiss on the cheek, just like in the romantic film they had watched together.

As she leaves, the ad reads "For a Christmas as magical as your first", and then the John Lewis logo.

Wouldn't that just melt your heart?


The song used to soundtrack the ad is a cover of 'Together in Electric Dreams' by Phil Oakley of The Human League and Italian composer Giorgio Moroder.

20 year old Lola Young provides the stellar cover this year.

John Lewis had hinted at the ad campaign before with supposed crashed UFOs found all over different cities in the UK.

The installations had looked to have destroyed the ground it landed on, along with the message "Christmas is landing 04/11/21 #Unexpected Guest".