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21st Sep 2017

PIC: An unfortunate sign for a well-known Irish walking trail has just come to the attention of Johnny Knoxville

"Thank God this place has a sign, I would be searching all night."

Conor Heneghan

Johnny Knoxville

You may have seen or heard about it before, but it’s only after coming to the attention of Johnny Knoxville of Jackass fame.

If you’re the active type and you live in the midlands, you’ve probably heard of The Cut, a walking trail and picnic area in Laois set in a beautiful location at the bottom of the Slieve Bloom Mountains.

Even if you’ve never set foot next or near the place, you may well have heard about it anyway, for far more notorious reasons than it simply being a fantastic place to get out and about and appreciate the beauty of the area.

Due to the font used on a sign erected on site, the words ‘The Cut’ bear more than a passing reference to something entirely different.

If you’re still struggling to interpret exactly what exactly what that is after seeing a picture of the sign below, let’s just say the term ‘Forest Recreation Area’ doesn’t exactly help matters.

Johnny Knoxville couldn’t help but make an obvious joke when posting a picture of the sign on his Instagram page earlier this week, but if such notoriety helps attract more visitors to the area, then surely that’s no bad thing.

Just wait until Johnny finds out about a certain town in north Donegal famous for having a diving club…

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