Join JOE's Movember team and raise money for charity 8 years ago

Join JOE's Movember team and raise money for charity

What's manlier than being a JOE, we hear you ask? Well, how about being a JOE with a moustache to die for...

That's the aim of five of our brave colleagues this Movember. With thanks to Zaconey, who are sponsoring JOE's excellent effort, these guys shaved their faces and are now prepared for their facial hair to sprint to its most masculine position - a moustache.


Among them is Rob 'Chewbacca' Timony 


If you look close enough you can see the hairs actually growing on Rob's face. Yes, this isn't a picture, it is actually a gif.

Funnyman Colm 'the pencil' Reid is also getting involved. Colm is known to grow the most impressive pencil moustache in Ireland. Some say his pencil moustache is so great that you can actually write with it.



Peter 'the pirate' Cooney is keen to shed any claims that he once was in Miami 5, hence his participation.

petah mov

Then there's Eoghan 'Ron Burgundy' Doherty. Eoghan is growing a moustache mostly to save on heating costs this winter. That, and because he loves the way the bristles tickle his top lip.



And last, and disputedly least, is Eanna 'I honestly can grow a moustache' Walsh. Sure you can Eanna, sure you can.

Eanna Photo

Check in next week to see how the guys are doing, but in the meantime get shaving and start your Movember.


We want YOU to join the Movember team, which is being backed by Zaconey.

To join our Movember team and to make a donation, please click here.