Just Eat are now delivering breakfast rolls 10 months ago

Just Eat are now delivering breakfast rolls

You just can't go wrong with a good old fashioned breakfast roll.

Just Eat have announced that they are going to be delivering one of the staples of Irish culinary culture, and we can see it being an absolute hit.

The delivery service have teamed up with Maxol outlets to serve up one of Ireland's favourite snacks straight to your door - the breakfast roll.

It comes following a survey that revealed that 82% of people would be more likely to eat breakfast if it was delivered straight to their door.

Speaking about the new addition to the menu, Edel Kinane, Commercial Director at Just Eat Ireland said: "Much like the spice bag, the breakfast roll is a cornerstone of our culinary culture, so we're thrilled to welcome The Maxol Group to the Just Eat platform, giving our customers the chance to enjoy this tasty traditional treat delivered straight to their door.

"The expansion of our breakfast menu has added even more choice for customers and while the breakfast roll is sure to be a big hit, we're very proud of the wide variety of both indulgent and healthy options, all available to those on the go."

Remember this the next time you're hungover and really not bothered leaving the bed.