Keanu Reeves goes for two classic pub grub dishes on surprise UK visit 10 months ago

Keanu Reeves goes for two classic pub grub dishes on surprise UK visit

'What a lovely man he was'

Keanu Reeves stopped into Hertfordshire pub on Saturday and happily posed for pictures with staff in a moment that was so overwhelming one of the cooks' "looked as though he was going to pass out."


The Matrix actor ordered up some English classics at the The Robin Hood pub in Tring, feasting on fish and chips and a shepherd's pie, washed down with a beer.

Posting one of the photos to the pub's official Facebook page, a staff member wrote: "So today we had a surprise visitor for lunch… What a lovely man he was too."

Keanu Reeves happy to pose for snaps


"Laura asked if he would be ok with taking photos with the kitchen lads," the post on Keanu Reeves continued.

"He marched into the kitchen shook their hands and praised them for the food they had prepared. Suffice to say he made their days!"

That's what worked for barmaid Laura Rolfe and the rest of the team at the Hertfordshire pub. Rolfe later told Metro of the visit from the 58-year-old John Wick's star: "One of our cooks was so excited he looked as though he was going to pass out."

She added: "When I took the cutlery down, I asked, 'Oh, is someone else joining you?' but he said, 'No, we want to try both.'


"He was with someone else. Presumably a driver or a friend, maybe?"

It is not known why Keanu is in the UK, but he's no stranger to the English pub. Last August, the actor caused a stir in the village Charwelton, Northamptonshire, when he stopped in for a bite to eat while working on a documentary about Brawn GP's F1 championship-winning year of 2009.

Dianne King told ITV that she spotted Keanu right away and asked if he could get a photo.

"He was really nice," she told the network at the time. Quite quiet, but very kind and asked if I wanted a photo, after I asked him about 10 times if it was really him.


"I apologised for interrupting them, but everyone he was with were very nice and really friendly."

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