Kerry man learns of €289,861 Lotto win during Sunday Mass 4 years ago

Kerry man learns of €289,861 Lotto win during Sunday Mass

A real life miracle.

Everyone looked forward to their First Holy Communion and their Confirmation as a child, for a number of reasons.


As kids we loved the attention, we loved getting dressed up, and we definitely loved the money.

So we looked forward to the Holy days for loads of reasons, but mainly, it was the money.

And we can guarantee that as much as you got as a kid, you didn't make as much as this Kerry man made in mass last weekend.

A lucky ticket buyer from Kerry, who wished to remain anonymous, learned in Sunday mass that he had won €289,861 in the Lotto.


He said:

"Obviously the Lotto was the talk of the town on Sunday morning but I was still none the wiser that I had the winning ticket in my pocket!

"It was only when I got to Mass and heard chatter about the big win and speculation about who the winner might be. As soon as I heard where the ticket was sold, I just knew it was me. I sat through the rest of Mass knowing that I’d be rushing straight home afterwards to check my ticket."

We reckon a few of his prayers were directed towards the National Lottery that day.


Here's hoping he threw a fiver in the collection basket.

When asked about what he planned to do with the money, he said: "It’s just a wonderful amount of money to win. We’ll be able to pay off the mortgage and a few other bills but we’ll be dividing it up among all of the children and other family members.

"We’ve also decided to put some money towards a once in a lifetime family holiday in the sun which we will never forget. I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this win."

Fair play to him.