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PIC: Tourists in Kerry had a very lucky escape after car left dangling over wall at Ladies View
The drop that faced them below is several feet deep.

They can count their lucky stars.

Two tourists who were visiting the famous Ladies View in Killarney, Kerry had a very lucky escape after their car was left dangling over a wall at the popular tourist destination.

A young couple from Taiwan had pulled over to take in the sights that the south of the country has to offer before they went over a low stone wall.

The drop that faced them below is several feet deep and the vehicle would have plunged down the mountainside into the Black Valley if the Renault Fluence's front bumper hadn't hit a rock which stopped it from going over.

Miraculously, although the driver and passenger of the car were understandably shaken after the incident, they suffered no injuries.




Owner of Ladies View café Raymond O’Shea took the photo and told Radio Kerry News that he had never seen anything like it before...

"A young couple from Taiwan came along and attempted to park and I think what happened was instead of hitting the break, they hit the accelerator and drove out over the top of the wall.

"Fortunately, they didn't get very far in terms of they could have gotten a lot further down. They were stopped by a rock on the other side of the wall and they got out of the car uninjured which was great," O'Shea told Radio Kerry News.

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