Kerry newspaper apologises for printing extremely racist joke 3 years ago

Kerry newspaper apologises for printing extremely racist joke

Not surprisingly, there was quite a strong reaction.

The Tralee Advertiser has apologised for printing a racist joke in last week's edition of the paper.


The joke appeared in the paper printed on Friday, 28 September and gathered quite a bit of negative attention online.

The joke in question appeared in the 'Its only a Joke' section of the advertisement-based newspaper, which regularly prints humourous contributions from the public.

The joke in question involves a "black, Jewish boy" having a conversation with his father, and the Tralee Advertiser has since stated that it was never intended to be in the newspaper.

An apology was posted on Sunday on the Tralee Advertiser's official Facebook page, which claimed that the joke was posted "in error".


You can read the statement in full below:

"We regularly receive contributions from the public towards our "It's only a Joke " page, which is one of the most popular pages in our magazine.

"We regret that in last Friday's edition, we published in error one of our reader's contributions. This joke was not intended to be included in our magazine as we deemed it to be of an offensive nature.

"We apologise for its inclusion. We know that our "it's only a joke" page is read by both young and old and endeavor to ensure that content on this page will continue to do what a good joke does, which is to make us laugh, not to be offensive.


"We will also acknowledge this in next week's issue."