KFC to launch chicken fillet roll for limited time only in Ireland 2 years ago

KFC to launch chicken fillet roll for limited time only in Ireland

It makes so much sense.

KFC is launching its own take on the Irish classic, the chicken fillet roll, for a limited time only in Ireland.


The chicken chain will be rolling out two variations on the KFC Chicken Fillet Roll from next week.

The Original version will include KFC's Original Recipe chicken, cheese, black pepper mayo and lettuce all in a baguette.

For those who like their food a tad hotter, however, there will also be a Zinger Chicken Fillet Roll on offer, featuring in a baguette KFC's Zinger fried chicken, cheese, the chain's spicy supercharger sauce and lettuce.

In a statement, the chicken chain said of their first Irish-only menu item: "I mean a KFC Chicken Fillet Roll… it just makes sense, doesn’t it?


"We’re the chicken experts and the chicken fillet roll is Ireland’s favourite chicken dish. It’s honestly surprising we haven’t done it before."

The KFC Chicken Fillet Roll will be available for a limited time only from 7 June, 2021 until 1 August, 2021 and will cost €4.95 with a drink.

It will be available in stores, in drive-thrus or by delivery.

Here's to hoping the chain's take on Ireland's favourite chicken sandwich is finger lickin' good.