Who knew that Daniel O'Donnell was so popular in the Falkland Islands? 4 years ago

Who knew that Daniel O'Donnell was so popular in the Falkland Islands?


Ah Daniel O'Donnell, lovely Daniel O'Donnell.


He's one of our national treasures, that's for certain, and we emphasise the word 'treasure'. This is because we heard recently that the man is worth an absolute fortune.

The Kincasslagh man is now worth an estimated 31 million, with the money accumulated through years of album sales and sold out concerts.

Country music has seen somewhat of a revival in recent years in Ireland and O'Donnell has been at the forefront of that along with the likes of Nathan Carter and Mike Denver.

The Late Late Show Country Special on Good Friday proved a massive hit with audiences, with an average of 677,400 people tuning in and an audience share of 52%, making it the second highest rating show this season.

So wee Daniel's popularity is showing no signs of waning anytime soon he'll be relieved to know, but if it does, he has another relatively unexplored market that he can tap into to try and continue making a living.

Yes, it seems that Daniel O'Donnell is rather a big deal in the Falkland Islands... no this is not a piss take.

TIME Magazine compiled a list of the most Googled people by country in 2016, and it's no surprise that Donald Trump was the most searched person in the majority of the western world.


But, interestingly, the most Googled person in the Falkland Islands was none other than the man from Donegal, Daniel O'Donnell.

We have just one question: What the hell is that about?