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28th Jan 2017

If you know anyone that loves vodka, their dream job has just opened up

Paul Moore

Know any vodka experts?

Much like wine connoisseurs or craft beer experts, vodka aficionados will know that there’s a difference between a decent bottle and an excellent one. Before you ask, price isn’t the only difference!

As you may know, vodka is defined as a neutral spirit, i.e. one “without distinctive character, aroma, taste or colour”, but an extremely well-educated nose, combined with some refined taste buds, can make all the difference when choosing.

For example, if traits like smell, flavor, aftertaste or burn influence your decision, this job should appeal to you.

If you think that you’ve got a  “billion dollar nose” then Absolut Vodka want to hear from you.

The Swedish company is looking for a “Master Sensory Designer and Strategist with a billion dollar nose”, to replace the outgoing Per Hermansson – one of the world’s leading authorities on vodka.

All suitable candidates need to have an “understanding for aroma and taste and comprehension of texture in spirits” along with ” thorough knowledge of sensory related topics regarding spirits in general and vodka in particular.”

If this sounds like you, or somebody you know, you can apply here.

Take a look at what the job involves.

Clip via – The Absolut Company

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