Latest research proves looking at beautiful women helps men to relax 10 years ago

Latest research proves looking at beautiful women helps men to relax

It looks like a crack team of scientists have finally proven that there's a good reason why we enjoy looking at pictures of Kate Upton

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have proven scientifically that looking at "mildly erotic" (Sports Illustrated style stuff rather than Playboy, lads) material helps men to de-stress and relax.


They gave a sample of 54 men a series of images, some of them got shown pics of beautiful women in lingerie and such, while the other unlucky lads got some neutral images, before they were submitted to a social stress test. It turns out the lads who viewed the saucy images were less likely to feel stressed, and even performed better in the maths section of the exam.

One of the authors of the study J. David Cresswell PhD told The Loop that the main reason is that when you get stressed, your body "produces more of a hormone called cortisol, which excites your nervous system and disrupts your brain’s problem-solving capabilities". However, the men who viewed the pictures of the lovely ladies seemed to be able to limit the cortisol-stress response.

So while this gives us a bit of an excuse, we don't think it will work all that well if you try to claim that looking at pictures of lovely Kate Upton is technically "studying" for your next algebra test. Anyway, seeing as we thought you could all take a few minutes to relax, here's Kate now, looking all good and such.

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