Watch list: 7 of the latest trends in men’s watches 5 years ago

Watch list: 7 of the latest trends in men’s watches

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Watch style tips to help you move with the times.


Watches are about so much more than telling the time. A good watch is also a sartorial statement, an opportunity to accessorise a sharp suit or just a way to express your personality.

Celebrity timepiece lovers like Conor McGregor have helped to renew the interest in watches and encouraged everyday people to splash out on their own collections. You have more than one pair of shoes so why would you limit yourself to just one watch?

If you’re looking to add to your collection or eager to splash out on a new accessory, here are some of the biggest trends to tap into.

1. Vintage chic


Latest trends in men's watches

One trend that’s hard to avoid is the appetite for retro styles and reissues of vintage watches. Sleek, slim watches are back in fashion. So clean, smaller case sizes are back in along with classic leather straps.

This stripped-down style is a timeless addition to a formal or casual outfit. Retro dress watches are back but you no longer need a suit to rock this less-is-more look.

2. Saying goodbye to the blues


Blue watch faces have been the established norm for years but people are starting to embrace bolder colour choices. Green watch faces are currently a popular alternative although watchmakers are also turning to statement colours to give people a chance to stand out.

For instance, Irish watchmaker Toc has released a new range of Toc Ulysses watches that combine refined, retro styling with bright dial tones. You can choose from classic blue/black designs or opt for one of their other striking face colours like green, red or gold. For more, check out their website.

3. Smartphones that don’t look like smartwatches


Latest trends in men's watches

It’s no longer enough for smartphones to measure your pulse or tell you when you have a call coming in. Early smartwatches were big, chunky affairs that didn’t waste time on social niceties like aesthetics or fashion.

These days, new hybrids and stylish smartwatches are becoming indistinguishable from the other fashionable timepieces on the market. This is the age of function and design so smartwatches are now killing it in the looks department.

4. Skeletons coming out of the closet

Latest trends in men's watches


Skeleton watches can divide opinion but they’re enjoying a major comeback at the moment. They strip back the watch’s dial or movement to reveal the inner workings. That turns the mechanism into an artform in its own right.

The exposed workings give skeleton watches a distinctive look but they also let you enjoy the craftsmanship that goes into them. They’re perfect for people who love to know how things work.

5. Chronographs

Latest trends in men's watches

Another style icon that’s never really gone out of fashion is the chronograph watch. This classic chunky look can be worn with almost anything and you can’t go wrong with an original classic or a modern reissue.

If you aren’t afraid to flash the cash, you can pick up some stunning originals from bygone years. Alternatively, there are some great new versions of this look on the market.

6. Back in black

Latest trends in men's watches

Black watches are in and it’s a look that ticks all the boxes. Finally, something to offset those triple black trainers!

Black cases, straps, bracelets and dials are on point but many major brands have went all in with entirely black models. Some all-black watches boast subtle colour contrasts with red detailing but both blackout options offer a sophisticated appeal that exudes class.

7. Textile straps

Textile straps allow you to coordinate your watch with your outfits. It’s an easy way to give a simple timepiece a bit more personality and to offer more customisation options.

It can also be used to give classic retro watches a bit of attitude and make them less formal. From classic military styles like the NATO strap to contemporary two-piece designs, it’s a comfortable, functional and modern look.

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