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06th May 2021

Lidl to sell Covid-19 antigen tests for €24.99 per pack

Clara Kelly

The rapid test will be available from 7 May.

Retail giant Lidl is set to sell Covid-19 antigen tests for just €24.99 per pack of five, so customers can rapidly check if they have potentially been infected with the virus.

The tests will be available in stores across Ireland from 7 May, however, purchasing will be limited to five packs per customer.

“From 7 May we will be selling antigen tests across all 168 stores in Ireland,” a spokesperson for Lidl said.

“With a max limit of five packs per customer, they will go on sale for €24.99 per pack. Each pack contains five test kits.”

The retailer is also encouraging people to “stringently” follow public health guidelines and use the tests as “an extra level of reassurance”.

“As we add these antigen tests to our range, we urge our shoppers to continue to stringently follow the public health advice,” the spokesperson added.

“We hope that by offering them, these tests will add an extra level of reassurance to our customers as they follow that advice.”

Antigen tests do not require a lab so they can return rapid results.

However, they are less reliable than polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing, which is the most reliable way of knowing if you have been infected with the Covid-19 virus.

The announcement comes after Lidl committed to offering its workers within Ireland a free weekly antigen test as of the beginning of April.

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