Lidl selling non-alcoholic wine for €3 per bottle this Christmas 2 years ago

Lidl selling non-alcoholic wine for €3 per bottle this Christmas

Fantastic news for those of us on the dry.

Christmas is a time of revelry and celebration, but it's also often a time of driving to and from relatives' houses, which often means some people have to stay off the booze.


Ireland is also crying out for more options for people who don't drink in general but still like to hold something in their hands while they chat (holding something in your chat makes chatting easier, that's just a scientific fact).

Lidl is on hand to help us out this Christmas, as the supermarket has announced that it will be selling three different kinds of non-alcoholic wines for the festive period. Red wine and white whine lovers alike are covered, with non-alcoholic cabernet sauvignon on offer, as well as non-alcoholic chardonnay and non-alcoholic sparkling chardonnay.

But perhaps the greatest selling point is that the stuff will come at the low price of €2.99 per bottle.

These three non-alcoholic wines add to Lidl's existing non-alcoholic drinks range, which includes a non-alcoholic IPA, which costs just €1 per bottle. There will also be non-alcoholic mulled punch on sale at €1.79.


The products will be in store in all Lidl shops across Ireland, starting from 11 November for as long as stocks last.