15 life hacks you need to know if you're starting college this year 5 years ago

15 life hacks you need to know if you're starting college this year

Oh to be in college again.


First of all, congratulations on getting your Leaving Cert results. It's the most stressful set of exams you will ever complete...until you come to college that is.

Heading off to college is such an exciting time. You'll be a little bit nervous at first for like two minutes until you find your new best friend and proceed to begin drinking with them.

Sadly, we've been to college, we've worn that t-shirt and although it's now thrown in the wardrobe, we will get it out and try it on every now and then (especially at Rag Week).

We want to let you know a few things because we wished that someone had taught us a trick or two when we started college back in the day.


1. Sneaking drink into the nightclub/pub. 

The first few are going to involve drinking. If you're not into that sort of stuff, your liver and bank account will thank you later. If you do like going drinking, please do so responsibly.

It's a classic. It's a bit easier for girls because they have handbags but for the boys, your safest bet is to stick it down your jeans. We can give you a 99% approval rate on this one.


2. Raiding the fridge at home for food and drink

Sure look, the auld pair aren't going to drink all that alcohol and it's been sitting there since last Christmas *place it into the suitcase*. Who needs three loaves of bread and 10 litres of milk in the week? Mam were you thinking about eating this pizza anytime soon? *Straight into a shopping bag*.

3. Skimping on dinner to afford drink


It's not ideal but someday you're going to come across this terrible ultimatum. You're running out of money but you still want to head out. Sorry folks but you're going to have to skip buying lunch/dinner in order to afford your night out.

4. Cutting the end off the toothpaste 

You don't realise the amount of toothpaste that is left over at the bottom that is normally dumped. Get using it and save those extra few euros for other activities.

5. Cleaning

Don't bother. You'll have the odd inspection and that is the one and only time that you need to get your act together and spruce up the gaff.


6. The old 'money for college book' trick

"This science book Dad you know, it's going to cost a bit more than I expected and I mean I could get it second hand but the brand new one has an extra chapter and I'd hate to miss out on some extra learning" *Straight into the drinking fund.

7. Actual book for college

Similar to the cleaning, don't even bother. First years have a habit of buying all the 'recommended readings' on the course and don't end up reading half of them. 1. You'll probably get the book online. 2. You probably still won't use that book.

8. Money jar

That ten cent coin that you found down the bottom of the couch, those pennies from what's left over after a night out, they all add up in the end. Throw them in a jar and they might go towards funding that night out when you're desperately struggling.

9. Find a designated house for parties

House parties are great craic... when they're not at your house. If you live in a student complex you'll especially find that every night there is going to be something happening. It's alright to have the odd party for birthdays and the like but if you can, try and volunteer someone elses house as party central for the rest of the time.

10. Use your student card

We don't care how much it looks like a mugshot, whip that bad boy out at every waking moment. The majority of places will give you 20% off if you're a student so make use of it while your card is valid.

11. Pre-drinks

This won't come as news to you but spending all day in the pub is going to be a very, very odd luxury. Pre-drinks or 'prinks' will be the order of the night before heading to the club. Four cans for four euro? Where else would you want to go?

12. Nightclub deals on social media

No point paying €10 into a nightclub only to realise that if you buy any drink you won't have money left for a taxi back home. Scan social media and pick out places with good promotions like three sambucas for €8 (always stay away from shots).

13. Record lectures on your phone if you can't keep up

Some lecturers are pure sound and send on the slides from the classes, others don't. Some will give you time to take the notes down, others will not. However, recording the lecture on your phone ensures that you never miss another word of what your lecturer is saying.

Better yet, have one person go in on different days to do the recording meaning that the rest of ye can stay in bed or go on the sesh.

14. Go to the library after your classes

If you go over something immediately after it has just been taught to you, there is a better chance that it will stay in your head for the dreaded exams.

Writing out short versions of lecture slides will come in really handy during study week so when everyone else is panicking, you'll be still panicking but a little bit less.

15. Free condoms from SU.

You want to be safe but you also want money for boogieing. The student union will hand out loads of condoms every now and again, make sure and stock up in bulk. If you have loads left over from the last time, there's a reason why you don't need to stock up on them anymore.