Scientists claim our average lifespan may increase to 125 years by 2070 4 years ago

Scientists claim our average lifespan may increase to 125 years by 2070

Life expectancy is on the up and up...

That is at least according to Dutch scientists, who released a paper on the subject and declared that by the year 2070, life expectancy should on average be 125 years, and as we continue further into the future, who knows...


There has been a lot of speculation on human life expectancy in the last year or so, when a professor at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York published a paper declaring that humanity had more or less reached the ceiling on how long we should expect to live.

In that paper, the author Jan Vjig claimed that their being a natural lifespan for humans made a lot of sense, as every other animal on the planet also had their expect lifespan, too.

The basis of his study is that despite more and more people living to 100 years and beyond, since the 1990s nobody has exceeded the oldest recorded living person, Jeanne Calment who died in 1997 at the age of 122.

"[A]ging turns out to be still very mysterious, or a process that we cannot really intervene with, then we are stuck with a real maximum lifespan that fluctuates around 115. Accept it," he told CNN, when asked about the newly contradicting studies.

The new study, which focused on elderly Japanese women, ditched the long-assumed point that mortality increases as age increases, and discovered that within this sub-set of the population, mortality rates actually decreased after a certain age.

From that discovery, they claimed that a new human average lifespan of 125 years could be achieved by the year 2070, with the continuing increase of health support for the elderly and advances in general medical technology.

Several other studies have also dismissed Vjig's initial study, claiming their to be no evidence of a "looming limit" on humanity's lifespan.


So there you have it. You might get round to finishing Better Call Saul after all, cos you've certainly got a lot of time to do it in now...