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04th May 2018

WATCH: This epic Japanese advert for chewing-gum might just be the funniest thing you’ll see all year

Rory Cashin

Sing it with us now: “Looooooong, looooooong, MAAAAAaaaaaannnn!”

To paraphrase Rick from Rick & Morty, if you really want to sell something with your commercials, then sometimes you’ve got to pump the gas a little bit.

Normally, when you think of a chewing gum advert, it involves attractive young people with nice teeth exhaling on each other, but this Japanese advert for a local brand gum is… well, it defies logic and reason.

It also tells a story across the eleven mini-adverts, full of plot twists and turns and betrayals and rabbits and obsession and, yes, chewing gum.

Every time we rewatch it, we have a different highlight that we think is definitely our favourite bit, until we watch it again and then we completely change our mind.

From the boyfriend’s reaction to finding gum in his girlfriend’s bed, to the girlfriend’s best friend’s very emotional explanation in the differences of the gums, to the sudden appearance of a rabbit with inexplicably long ears, or maybe the girlfriend suddenly deciding that the only way out was…

Actually, you know what? Just watch it yourself, and let us know what your favourite part is.

We will warn you that watching this in a public place will cause a lot of weird looks, because you’ll be doubled up laughing at what is, essentially, an advert for chewing gum.

Now, one more time… “Loooooooong, LOOOOOOONG, MMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAANNN!”

Clip via Violet Sumire