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20th Oct 2017

Pornhub saw some, uhm, serious growth in Irish users during Hurricane Ophelia

We should have guessed!

Denise Curtin

Ye duuurty things.

Yes, as the elements made us batten down the hatches, a major surge was seen in people turning online to well… occupy themselves in other ways.

Pornhub is after revealing the user statistics in Ireland for October 16, 2017 and there is no denying the massive surge.

Over the course of the day, Pornhub saw figures rise exponentially with a 61 percent increase for men between the hours of 8am – 4pm and a 34 percent increase for women during the same period.

And it showed some interesting stats on porn and age that day too. With millennial figures up 50 percent than usual at 2am and over 35-year-olds up 66 percent above average at 4am. It looks like we have a lot of night owls amongst us.

With 3pm being the optimum time for all users with exceptional growth, it looks as though the evening didn’t tempt people as much, with Pornhub reporting that figures for the over 35’s category actually dropped as the evening continued. They stated: “At 18:00 traffic from Irish visitors over the age of 35 was down 32% compared to their average, but remained relatively normal for the millennial group.”

Overall morning to mid afternoon seemed to be the main winner for many during hurricane Ophelia. Wonder will we see a common pattern if storm Brian comes knocking on our door this weekend. Who knows.

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