A guy lost his phone at Electric Picnic and this clever trick helped him find it 3 years ago

A guy lost his phone at Electric Picnic and this clever trick helped him find it

This might come in handy.

It's not just your friends that can go missing on a night out because we've all heard stories, maybe it happened to you, about people that have lost their phone at some point.


There's nothing more frustrating than losing this expensive piece of technology because even if it's found, the chances are that the keypad lock will come into effect and the person that has discovered your phone will be unable to call you and return it.

We've picked up tricks at Electric Picnics over the years and thought we'd pass on this incredibly helpful tip. It's so simple and we haven't heard of anyone that has ever done this before. Maybe you have, but it's very helpful.

Here's what to do which we'll demonstrate via my own iPhone.

1) Go to 'Notes', 'Messages' 'Reminders' or basically any app on your phone that allows you to type a message. We used 'Notes' here.

2) Type the following ' If you manage to find this phone. Please contact JOE at 083 123 4567 (basically enter the details of any person that you're currently out with)

3) Hit the return button so the main text jumps down at least four lines. (This will make it more visible at a later point)


3) Take a screenshot of this message.

4) Go to your photos and select this screenshot as your Home Screen, Lock Screen and Wallpaper image if you deem fit.

5) The next time you see your lock screen it should look like this.

Hopefully, this will help in the unfortunate event that you lose your phone.


Obviously, you're still relying on the kindness of the stranger that found it, but this might help if you're on a night out and have a tendency to 'misplace' your mobile.