A lot of people in your workplace are hooking up with one another 4 years ago

A lot of people in your workplace are hooking up with one another

We're sure you don't know anything about this...

It happens in workplaces around the world. You've had your suspicions, you've seen the pair exchanging glances. Leaving at similar times, and they're interacting with each other in groups differently.


But you thought nothing of it. Well, according to this new survey, there could be a very simple explanation to it all.

They're hooking up...

In a survey by Yellow Octopus, it was revealed that 11% of people in the study had hooked up with a co-worker in work while 4% said they'd done the dance with no pants with a non-employee at work.

But don't be stepping loudly while walking around corners to alert people of your presence just yet, because most of the action takes place outside of office hours, 72% in fact.


Although, there's a chance that you may walk in on something as 14% of those who admitted to having sex with a co-worker in work, said they were interrupted during the... deed.

It's not just the act themselves that's happening in workplaces, plenty of them have fantasised about having a sex with a co-worker at some stage.

In case you're unfamiliar, Generation X individuals are born between 1961 – 1981, and if the survey is to be believed, two thirds men in that bracket have thought about having sexual relations with a co-worker. Almost one third of Generation X women have fantasised about coworkers in a sexy, sexy setting.


But it seems Millennial's are significantly less randy than their older counterparts, with just 51%* of men fantasising about their co-workers being their lovers.

The number is even lower for Millennial women with just 23% thinking about their workplace colleagues being their sex dance partners.

*Rumours are circulating that the other 49% of men in this group are filthy liars