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21st Jan 2018

Louth woman defends her marriage to a 300-year-old ghost pirate

Jade Hayden

A Louth woman who married a 300-year-old ghost pirate has defended her relationship.

Drogheda woman Amanda Teague married Haitian pirate Jack Teague despite the fact that he died by execution in the eighteenth century.

Speaking on Ireland AM this week, Teague explained that spiritual marriage is very popular (and legal) in Haiti and that spirits can touch and communicate similarly to the ways the living can.

The pair were married in international waters after Teague discovered that having a relationship with a spirit was possible.

Teague said that her husband has “long black hair, he’s very dark-skinned, and though he’s definitely mixed-race he has more African features than Caucasian features.”

She also added that he is taller than her and “well built.”

Teague said that being “intimate” with a spirit works in the same way as experiencing a spirit’s presence in a non-sexual way.

She said “There are people who believe in spirits and there are people who don’t, so if you’re a medium or a person who believes in spirits then you will know that spirit energy can touch us.

“They can hug us, they can physically touch us and we can physically feel them.

“Obviously having an intimate relationship with a spirit is taking that sensation to a more deeper level but it works in exactly the same way as feeling a spirit touch your hand or touch your face.”

Teague has five children from a previous relationship between the ages of seven-years-old and 20.

She said that her youngest son has a “strong faith” and doesn’t mind having a ghost as a stepfather.

The rest of Teague’s children are “very open-minded” too.

Although people might find her marriage strange, Teague said that there are more individuals who are in relationships with spirits than people assume.

“I’m pagan, I’m a white witch, I’m a medium.

“If you believe in such things then you won’t think it’s that strange and there are quite a lot of us out there and quite a lot of us in spiritual relationships.”

Images via TV3. 

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