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24th Jan 2023

Love Island’s Haris reportedly dumped from villa after street brawl video

Callum Boyle

Love Island Harris

Footage taken last year shows the 21-year-old fighting in the street.

Haris Namani has reportedly been removed from the Love Island villa after a video of him involved in a street brawl emerged.

In the video, the 21-year-old salesman can be seen landing heavy blows on another party-goer during a boozy night out in Doncaster last year.

Insiders have told The Sun that Haris had left the villa as part of a planned eviction, although it currently remains unclear what that exactly means.

The video, which has gone viral across social media, can see Haris sparring with his opponent before knocking them to the ground and shouting: “I’m not a bully… on my mum’s life,” while being encouraged by a friend behind the camera.

After the video first emerged on Snapchat, a friend of Haris’ told The Sun: “We were all surprised when we heard Haris was going on Love Island, he’s got quite a bit of a temper on him and if someone says something he’s more than prepared to have a fight.

“He’s got an advantage being a boxer and he knows he can cause damage because he trains four times a week, he knows what he is capable of because of his training. That kind of stuff has to stay in the ring.

Love Island

After footage of the video emerged, Love Island bosses released a statement. They said: “Language and behaviour in the villa is always closely monitored, and Islanders are reminded of what we consider acceptable during their time on the show.

“Extensive duty of care protocols for all Islanders includes video training and guidance covering language and behaviour.”

Meanwhile, a source for the ITV2 programme revealed to the Daily Mail that background checks are carried out on those entering the villa before the show.

“This training is their opportunity to learn and gain perspective from any mistakes or errors of judgement that have been made prior to going on the show.”

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