Earning stamps on this loyalty card will help fight world hunger 3 years ago

Earning stamps on this loyalty card will help fight world hunger

Rather than a free coffee for you, it's a life-saving meal for someone else.

Chances are that if many of us emptied out our wallets, out will fall three or four half-filled loyalty cards. They could be for your local barbers, or maybe a coffee shop that you visit several times a week.


The idea usually remains the same; buy X to get one free. No one is arguing that getting free stuff isn't awesome, but Stampify Ireland does something much more significant.

Someone in need will receive a free meal for every stamp you collect. One full card results in one child being fed for a full week.

So with Stampify, you can help some of those people without buying anything you weren't going to already. Their partner company Mary's Meals will then serve out the food.

Fight world hunger


"We have over 12 partners now, including Bestseller Cafe on Dawson St, Dublin Barista School, Third Space Cafe in Smithfield, and we are adding three more this month, with Nick's Coffee in Ranelagh being one of those," Mark Reihill, Head of Business Development for Stampify, said.

"We've tested the model in coffee shops and are now expanding elsewhere. We've just linked up with bike seller Greenaer, who will make a donation to Stampify for every bike they sell, which is something we're really excited about."

The more businesses that get involved, the better. Mark said they are constantly looking for new businesses to partner up with and help make Stampify as accessible as possible. If you are interested in working with Stampify, or know somebody that may be interested, you can contact them at info@stampify.ie.

"We're looking to get into as many places as possible, as quick as possible, and it's only when we sit down with businesses and explain the enormous value we can offer them that they realise the potential benefits to their existing model and can't wait to sign up," he said.


For more information, check out stampify.ie.