Man accidentally sends dick pics to his new boss... twice 8 years ago

Man accidentally sends dick pics to his new boss... twice

Well this is awkward.

We've all made a few cock-ups in a new job before but the chances are that you won't make a balls of things before you've even managed to get your foot in the front door.


According to the Chicago Tribune, a local company made a firm offer to a potential employee via text message and rather than reply by saying 'That's great. I'll see you on Monday' he somehow managed to mix-up the number of the HR manager with a girl that he was sexting.


"There was a conditional offer of employment made to this particular applicant," Michael Ruth, the police chief involved with the case, told the Tribune. "He texted the HR director and sent a nude photo of himself." Keep reading though because the story gets much better.

Ron Erection


It seems that this dick-pic loving lothario managed to shaft himself even further because when the HR manager decided not to respond, the guy, naturally, sent another picture of his genitals.

After not receiving any response to these two images of his junk, the man then decided that it was ANOTHER good idea to call -possibly to double check that the pics were going through - but this call alerted his new potential HR manager to his identity and she went straight to the police.


Being a fairly sound person, the HR manager decided against pressing any charges but the man has since been warned by the police to avoid any further contact with the woman in question.


Oh yeah, do I really need to say that the job offer was rescinded? There's a lesson here folks, don't accidentally send pictures of your junk to any future employers. Now there's a lesson you won't get from a recruitment agent.