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04th May 2021

This man’s hack for a Guinness can has been viewed millions of times

Alan Loughnane

Guinness hack

We’ve heard tales of this technique.

Ever since those first videos emerged of people using jewellery cleaners and other things to help create a creamy Guinness from a can at home, there’s been a big increase in the number of people sharing tips on how to pour the perfect Guinness.

Obviously, Guinness have their own special cans for those who want use a surger unit.

But, there’s also a way around that if you happen to be stuck with a regular old can of Guinness.

TikTok user @NobbyOnCars (or Mark Noble as he’s known in the real world) posted the method on his profile on Monday and in the short time since, it’s been viewed nearly four million times.

@nobbyoncars##Guinness draught ##hack if you don’t have ##GuinnessSurger cans ##FYP ##Drink ##Surger♬ original sound – Nobby

He recommends puncturing the can with a pin and leaving the air to come out of it for a few minutes.

The pin should then be removed slowly and the can poured as normal, then the glass should be placed into the surger.

The result is… impressive.

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