This map of Europe shows where all the most attractive people are 6 years ago

This map of Europe shows where all the most attractive people are

Take this with a grain of very sexy salt...

A poll was submitted to reddit, and people voted where they felt the most attractive people around Europe resided.


While the openness of the vote should ensure a fair result, the 2,000 or so voters ended up giving almost an entire quarter of their votes to Sweden.

Ireland seems to do... okay-ish. 28 votes don't seem like the end of the world.

There's more than a few nations that got a soul-destroying zero. Poor Malta!

But then you take into account that Vatican City managed to out-do us with 33 votes, and something seems a little ... off.


In some cases, the higher the population, the more likely it is that someone will have crossed paths with them.

So that helps explain why France, Spain, Germany and UK have higher numbers (aside from, y'know, all the attractive people who live there).

But when you take into account that the Vatican only has a population of 1,000 (is everyone voting for the Pope), or the likes of Andorra, with a population of a little over 85,000, getting four votes, that reasoning goes right out the window.


What this map does seem to confirm is that most of Europe's attractive people seem to be residing in Scandinavia.

Any else suddenly up for a skiing holiday?