5 massive lottery wins that will make you want to chance your luck 3 years ago

5 massive lottery wins that will make you want to chance your luck

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These people won silly amounts of money.

We’ve all sat back and dreamt of winning the lottery at some stage. But domestic European lotteries pale in comparison to the megabucks jackpots that are available across the pond in America.

We took a look at some of the biggest lottery wins in history and the lucky so-and-sos who’ve been fortunate to win them.

1. $590.5 million PowerBall jackpot

84-year-old Gloria MacKenzie was the sole winner of this massive $590.5 million jackpot in 2013 but there was some serious luck involved.

She later revealed that another lottery player in the queue had let her go first when ordering her winning quick-pick ticket. That was an incredible break for Gloria but there must be a polite person out there who’s currently questioning their life choices.

2. $1.58 billion PowerBall jackpot

Imagine winning the largest ever lottery jackpot and then having to share it? That’s what happened when three couples won the $1.58billion PowerBall jackpot in February 2016. Still, they were each entitled to a cool $528.7million so they weren’t exactly short-changed!

Tennessee couple John and Lisa Robinson were first to come forward via a TV interview, which they did before claiming their lottery win! Florida couple David Kaltschmidt and his wife Maureen Smith were the second winners.

Mae and Marvin Acosta waited six months before eventually coming forward with the third winning ticket. Now that’s a long time to wait before claiming a half a billion dollars.

3. $435.3 million PowerBall jackpot

An Arkansas man who won the $435.3million PowerBall jackpot in February 2017 choose to remain anonymous after claiming the 10th biggest jackpot in US history. However, he did find a novel way of celebrating.

He phoned his father, who joked “I thought you were calling to tell me you won the lottery.” The son’s response was “Maybe I did.”

He then turned up at his father’s house with the winning ticket and his favourite spiced jellybeans. Well, nothing says “I’ve just won an obscene amount of money” like eating jellybeans with your Da.

4. $425 million PowerBall jackpot

B Raymond Buxton walked up to the lottery headquarters with his winning ticket in a t-shirt that said “Luck of the Jedi I Have.” Fault his logic, we can not.

He walked away as the sole winner of a mouth-watering $425 million jackpot in 2014. That’s around $100 million more than he would need to make his own Star Wars film.

5. $648 million MegaMillions jackpot

This was another jackpot with more than one winner. One was Ira Curry of Georgia, who used the classic system of family birthdays on the winning ticket. The other winner was Steve Tran, who left an inspired voice message for his boss.

“I'm really sorry, boss. I hit the jackpot. I don't think I'm going to come in today, tomorrow, or ever.” As voicemails for your boss go, that would be a pretty sweet one to leave.

If you’ve ever dreamt of winning life-changing sums of money, you could be in luck.


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