Irish University becomes the first in the country to install napping pods for their students 4 years ago

Irish University becomes the first in the country to install napping pods for their students

If there were nap classes, we would absolutely get a 1.1.

Power naps.



Disco naps.

Whatever you call them, they're great, and we love them.

And now the folks at Maynooth University have also keyed in to how useful they can be when you're stressing out in the middle of a study session and need some much needed brain-down-time.


With this new addition, Maynooth University has become the first Irish university to install the high tech EnergyPods, which will allow students to take 20-minute naps to help keep their energy levels up during a busy day at college.

The initiative, which sees two EnergyPods installed at the library as well as one at the Maynooth University Access Office, is the result of 2017 MU Library Innovation Award and the #IfStudentsDidLibraries campaign.

The winning idea was submitted by first year student Brian Crinion, who is studying for a BSc in Robotics and Intelligent Devices. His own busy schedule of classes and extracurricular activities combined with a long commute from Slane, Co. Meath inspired the idea, as he struggled to find ways to ‘recharge’ during the day.

Dr Peter Robbins, Head of the EDEN Centre for Entrepreneurship, Design and Innovation, at Maynooth University commented: "The MU Library Innovation Awards challenge students to not only come up with bold ideas to improve Maynooth’s already excellent library facilities, but also to develop practical implementation plans. It is a chance to test skills that will be invaluable throughout both their academic and professional lives."


"It is a chance for students to prove their mettle when it comes to innovation, and it is wonderful to see a first-year student already developing winning concepts. Brian can be very proud of this achievement, and I have no doubt his idea will be of great benefit to Maynooth University students."

Now, if we could only get one or two into the JOE offices...