Mega-popular US hard seltzer White Claw to go on sale across Ireland 3 years ago

Mega-popular US hard seltzer White Claw to go on sale across Ireland

White Claw is here.

A buzz has enveloped social media upon hearing the news that US "hard seltzer" (hard meaning "alcoholic") White Claw will be widely available in Ireland from 1 June.


While it can be currently found in the odd shop or two, the national roll out won't begin until next Monday.

The drink, which comes in cans (of big bag with the lads fame), has featured prominently in headlines across the Atlantic, as its sudden popularity has seen it sell out of stores, leading to shortages in supply. While there are more flavours in America, for now, choice in Ireland will be limited to lime, black cherry and raspnberry.

The drink has created a storm in America, and 2019 saw its sales grow by 300% - which resulted in magazine The Atlantic printing a headline declaring that last summer "The Summer of White Claw."

For those of you wondering, the cans are 4.5% alcohol, and there are 95 calories per can — which are selling at a recommended retail price of €3.50.


Davin Nugent, CEO of Mark Anthony Brands International, said: "The decision to make the country one of the lead European launch markets was an easy one, as consumers familiar with the brand in America have made sure to have their voices heard on our social media channels; demanding we bring White Claw home.

"Irish retailers have also been hugely supportive of our plans as we seek to lead the development of an entirely new category in the alcohol beverage market, just as we have done in the US."