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28th Jan 2019

Like it or not, the male harness is new fashion trend of 2019

Alan Loughnane

Michael B. Jordan is a slick man, but did he pull it off?

Timothée Chalamet confused everyone at the Golden Globes when he wore what some people described as a “harness” on the red carpet.

However, Louis Vuitton clarified that the correct name for the sequinned creation wasn’t a harness or a deconstructed vest, but, in fact, was an embroidered bib.

But in our head, it’s a harness and we’re going to refer to it as such.

We thought this might have been the end of the harness, a failed attempt to broadcast an edgy new look to a mainstream audience which stumbled before it even reached the first hurdle.

We couldn’t have been more wrong, as Michael B. Jordan showed, when he sported another Louis Vuitton bib harness at Sunday night’s SAG Awards.

It’s clear the polarising garment isn’t done on the red carpet just yet, with Jordan’s harness boasting a print pattern and providing a contrast to his classic, navy blue suit, while Chalamet’s was sparkly and matched his all-black outfit.

Maybe we’re reading too much into it, but it seems to almost be an alternative to a tie?

Is the harness a red carpet-only accessory? Or can we expect it to make its way to these shores in the coming months and see half the men in your workplace sporting them at the 2019 Christmas party?

We have our doubts whether the men of Ireland will ever fully embrace the harness, but we expect to see it on plenty of red carpets over the next year.

The harness embroidered bib; the new A-lister trend of 2019…

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