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Convicted drugs smuggler Michaella McCollum is reportedly in Liverpool right now finalising a deal that will see her host her own TV show.

McCollum achieved notoriety in 2013 as part of the Peru Two drugs mules who attempted to smuggle £1.5 million worth of cocaine from Peru into Spain.

Instead, both McCollum and her accomplice Melissa Reid were caught and sentenced to over six and a half years in jail.

Last year however, both women were released from jail having struck a deal with the Peruvian government.

According to the MailOnline, the 24-year-old Northern Ireland'er is currently in Liverpool in talks with a production company to present a TV documentary that will see McCollum travel the world to interview drug smugglers, including some who are currently on death row.

"She has been inundated with offers for her own TV shows but this will see her travel around the world interviewing suspected death row inmates to extremists and people proclaiming their innocence," the source told the MailOnline.


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