There's a middle child candle with a "largely invisible" scent 8 months ago

There's a middle child candle with a "largely invisible" scent

Being the middle child sucks.

It just does.

Not that I would have any direct understanding of this issue being the eldest child and therefore, the most important, but other people do and they're incredibly good at voicing their grievances.

Word on the grapevine is that being the middle child means you get less things, you're not listened to as much, you're forgotten about, cast aside, left in the ball pit by accident when the rest of your siblings are removed and taken for ice cream.

Essentially, you're invisible - and hey, now there's a candle for that.

The 'Middle Child Largely Invisible Scented Candle' is available from Always Fits and it's just as cutting and raw as you'd expect any candle aimed at a middle child to be.

Harbouring a purple haze grape scent and a threat to "go ahead and dye your hair purple, no one will notice," the candle exists for those among us who have drifted through life largely invisible, eagerly waiting for someone to pay them a bit of attention.

"Who are you again?" boldly asks the product description.

The candle is, unfortunately, sold out at the moment but listen, we can only hope that it'll be back in stock sometime soon.

Lots of under appreciated middle children out there, lads. They deserve recognition.

You can check out the candle here.