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24th Jan 2019

The biggest mistakes people make when applying for jobs


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Don’t fall for these mistakes when you’re applying for jobs.

Whether it’s out of necessity or just the desire to try something new, getting a job can seem like a huge mountain to climb. A lot of the time, we build it up too much in our heads and end up not giving as much as we could have done.

At some stage or another, most of us have been told to simply apply for every job we see. All that will do will give you a hell of a lot more work to do than you really need.

Stay focused on what you want, and chase after it.

We’re not saying that your dream job will land on your lap the second you stop doing these things, but it’ll get you on the right path. Staying focussed on where you want to end up is half the battle.

1. Recycling your CV

We really can’t stress this one enough.

Whenever you send in a CV or resume, do it under the assumption that it is one in 100. There will likely be only a handful of people reading them all, so you had better be exactly what they are looking for.

Look at the job description, and try to imagine what the ideal candidate would look like on paper. Use key terms from the description, and try to fit your skills and experience with what they are looking for as best you can.

2. Not being 100% dedicated

This one is particularly true for those who are in college or already working another job. When you get home from a long day of work, going on a job hunt isn’t always going to be the top priority.

Signing up to as many mailing lists as possible can help alleviate this by doing much of the work for you. When you register with, they will send you the latest job openings that are tailor-made for your skills and expertise.

Dedicate a certain part of your day to finding a new job, and give it your all. Half an hour here and there might land you a job, but it’s a lot easier to stay focused when you’re aiming for the same time every day.

3. Using lazy phrases on your CV

Going back to not making the most of your CV, you really should be making the most out of your CV.

It doesn’t just sum you up professionally, it’ll set the tone for how an employer sees you as a candidate. Rather than just saying that you are a “go-getter” or a “hard worker,” why not show it on your CV?

Stay focused on what you know, and what you have done to earn a job like this. Getting someone else to read over it before applying will help iron out a lot of this kind of stuff.

4. Blanket applying for jobs

Don’t apply for hundreds of jobs. First of all, HR managers can spot a generic CV a mile off. Nothing screams “not bothered” as much a CV that has been used for hundreds of similar roles.

Also, you making hundreds of CVs don’t mean hundreds of jobs offers.

You are better off doing your research, finding a few jobs you really, really want and then really crafting a great CV. You’ll get better results if you put in the time at this stage of your job hunt.

5. Being too shy

Don’t give up when you apply for a job that you really want and don’t hear anything back. There is no harm in following up with the company offering the job to ask for an update.

Apart from the fact it’s a very Irish thing to not make a fuss, the main reason why many of us don’t do this is probably because they don’t want to seem pushy. A phone call is usually the better option over sending an email, and we doubt your potential interviewer will think any less of you for that.

They’re hardly going to turn to the person next to them and give out to their colleague about a candidate who had the audacity to ask about a job they clearly want…

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