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04th Jan 2023

Mum-of-six has already bought and wrapped presents for Christmas 2023

Charlie Herbert

A level of organisation many can only dream of.

For many, one of the few plus sides of December being over is that they don’t have to worry about Christmas shopping or present buying for another 11 months.

Others are always keen to be prepared well in advance, buying some presents in November or October.

One mum though seems to have taken things to a whole new level, after revealing that she had already bought and wrapped presents for Christmas 2023 before 2022 was even over.

Tina took to the Magical Holidays of Christmas group on Facebook to share a picture of eight wrapped presents, complete with name tags, which she had wrapped on New Year’s Eve.

Also in the picture was a notebook, on the front of which was written: “Christmas presents 2023”.

“Some Christmas presents for 2023 bought and wrapped to be organised like I used to be,” Tina explained.

“As I have 6 adult children, 16 grandchildren, then all the Birthdays in between.

“I have also bought Christmas cards, two Christmas Eve boxes for myself and my youngest daughter who says they are just for kids, a pair of Christmas PJ’S that match my daughter’s, wrapping paper, money wallets and more tree ornaments.”

She said she will continue noting down all the presents she buys throughout the year and who they are for.

If everything goes to plan, she hopes to have her festive shopping “finished by the end of November.”

While many could scarcely believe Tina’s level of organisation, others were on the same page when it came to planning ahead of time.

“I already got my husband’s family taken care of for 2023,” one person commented on the post.

“10 adults done. I just need 3 nieces, 1 nephew and my MIL and I’m done with his side.”

“I bought all my for next year wrapped and labelled as well,” another added.

“I only have to get my sons clothes now – he has all his toys so good to be organised, I love it.”

“I’m doing the same thing for 2023, so many to buy for just for Christmas, plus my 2 kids have big birthdays and my big birthday too,” a third commented.

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