These are the names of the women who (apparently) make the best wives 6 years ago

These are the names of the women who (apparently) make the best wives

What's in a name? surveyed 2,000 people to find out the names of the women who make 'the best wives', as though such a thing can be measured by what a person is called.


With absolutely no basis in science because, let's be honest, science has more important things to do, apparently if your name is Katie you make a better wife than if your name is Charlotte.

But not by much.

And while the website left us all hanging as to what the details of what makes a good wife are (enjoys Frasier? can debate the merits of a false nine? knows the constituents of the perfect burger?), they did give us a Top Ten to completely disregard when flicking through Tinder.

The 'top ten':


1. Katie
2. Sophie
3. Louise
4. Sarah
5. Emily
6. Charlotte
7. Elizabeth
8. Amy
9. Jessica
10. Lucy

"Every time we hear mention of a name we naturally associate particular values or impressions based on our past experiences," a spokeman for the site said.

"It seems certain names tend to crop up more than others when thinking about the qualities of a good husband or wife and the lists no doubt make interesting reading to many."