There's a new dating app that lets you rate your dates, so be on your best behaviour 5 years ago

There's a new dating app that lets you rate your dates, so be on your best behaviour


Ever gone on a date and thought, "Jesus that was awful, if only I could have known how dull/irritating/rude/doesn't-look-one-bit-like-his-photos this guy was going to be"?


Yeah, us too.

Even in the age of intense social media stalking and absolute transparency, it's still possible that you'll end up going on a date with someone you meet on a dating app and be shocked to find out what they're really like.

After all, who doesn't talk themselves up by using approximately 17 filters on Instagram?

If you do wish that you knew exactly what you were getting yourself into before a date (or, at least, kind of knew, maybe), then you'll probably be into this app.


(Though if you've seen any episode of Black Mirror ever, you might want to steer clear.)

Do I Date is an app that lets you rate and review your dates after you've had them to let everyone know what you thought of your experience.

The app's website says Do I Date exists:

"... to manage your expectations of an upcoming dating experience, providing safety, fun and much needed insight into a potential match, helping to minimise the (sad emoji) & guaranteeing more (laughing emoji)."


Reviews are apparently all strictly confidential too but we can't help but feel a little uneasy about people who are essentially strangers rating their experience with us online.

After all, we all saw what happened to Bryce Dallas Howard at the end of that Nose Dive Black Mirror episode.

(And if you didn't see, go watch it immediately. Go!)