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29th Mar 2018

PICS: There is a new mural in Dublin in the same place where the Stormzy image was removed

Rory Cashin


It is certainly … different.

People had noticed that the spot where the Stormzy mural was first painted and then removed in Smithfield in Dublin 7 was becoming a hot-bed for activity again in the last week or so.

Back in November 2017, the artists behind the Stormzy mural – a collective known as SUBSET – took the time before it was eventually taken down completely by painting in a corporation worker painting over the mural (META!), and then an image right around the corner of Trump wearing a cap that said “Make America Grey Again!”

Finally, a plaque on the wall, like one you would see in a museum, that was titled “Grey Wall (2017)”, and went into some description as to how the once prominent artwork went on to become a large, dull collection of bricks.

Well, it looks like SUBSET came back to re-muralize the wall as part of what they’re calling the #GreyAreaProject, and it is certainly about as colourful from a dull grey wall as you can get.

There are a number of other images on the SUBSET Twitter feed attributed to the #GreyAreaProject, and they all do a pretty great job of brightening up a series of otherwise dull surfaces.

Main image via RTE News.

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