New research reveals Irish men’s top three dream jobs 7 years ago

New research reveals Irish men’s top three dream jobs

Fancy being a pilot, a professional sportsman or a travel writer? Well, if you’re an Irish bloke then chances are you probably wouldn’t mind doing one of the three aforementioned jobs.

According to new research commissioned on behalf of Budweiser, the top three dream jobs as chosen by Irish blokes are a professional pilot, professional sportsman and travel writer.


The research was carried out by iReach in July 2013 and revealed that 81 per cent of Irish blokes say they’re not currently working in their dream job, while lack of opportunity (52 per cent), lack of money or financial commitments (31 per cent) and a lack of self-belief (26 per cent) are the biggest barriers to pursuing their dream.

The research also revealed the Irish people that Irish men believe are living their dream jobs. Bono (27 per cent), Brian O’Driscoll (20 per cent) and Michael D Higgins (20 per cent) topped the poll as the top three Irish men living the dream, whilst Imelda May (37 per cent), Katie Taylor (32 per cent) and Saoirse Ronan (23 per cent) were the three women cited as having their dream jobs.

So how do you go about getting your dream job? Well, the guys at Budweiser are offering someone a chance to pursue their dream with a prize fund valued at €50,000, including a €40,000 cash prize, which will allow the overall winner the freedom to take real steps towards securing their dream job over a 12 month period.

The winning prize also includes a €5,000 equipment bursary as well as practical mentoring sessions with experts in the winner’s area of interest. The four runner-up finalists will each receive an equipment bursary of €2,000.

To have a chance of bagging your dream job, simply apply on the Budweiser Facebook page by uploading a video or creative CV until August 9. Just make sure you're over 18 before you do...