Fancy a ride? This new TG4 dating show might be able to help you out 4 years ago

Fancy a ride? This new TG4 dating show might be able to help you out

TG4 are channelling the ghost of Pimp My Ride in their new series Pioc Do Ride.

Áine Goggins hosts the show, where a single lad or lassie will examine the car of three other singletons to get a view of what they're like. Then they pick one of the lucky car owners as their date.

It all sounds very simple, right? Well, no. You're forgetting these are Irish people who are trying their best to channel their inner Gaeilgeoir. So expect a few hilarious attempts at the cúpla focail.

We reckon it's unlikely we'll get through an episode without hearing the phrase 'Shaggin' Wagon is ainm don gluaisteán seo'.


'Would a person pick their partner based solely on their car?' is the question most of you are probably asking. Well, ourselves and TG4 got together to check this theory out.

We put together two Tinder profiles - Carl and Dylan. Carl is a good guy with an ould chicken-chaser of a car, while Dylan drives a sweet Porsche but he is a complete arse.

*click image to enlarge. 


We'll reveal who had the better results next week, but for now, here are the first replies we received for both.


Well, it didn't put her off anyway. That's a good start.


If this lad gets more matches, we think we will just give up on humanity. What a dick...

Pioc Do Ride kicks off on TG4 Tonight at 10pm.

Does your car affect your sex appeal? Prove it with a pic via Twitter @JOEdotie or @Herdotie with #piocdoride and you could see your picture live on Pioc Do Ride. The best will be shown every week, with a prize for the overall winner. 

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