A new version of a drink very well known to J1 students has been released 6 years ago

A new version of a drink very well known to J1 students has been released

Ever been on a J1 to the US? Chances are you’ve heard of Four Loko.

A flavoured malt beverage, Four Loko was once marketed as an alcoholic energy drink before parent company Four Brewing Company removed caffeine, guarana, and taurine from the products in 2010 after it was banned in several states due to the dangers of combining alcohol and caffeine.


It still remains incredibly popular Stateside and, in turn, with Irish J1 students who travel to the US every summer, which explained the massive excitement when it was allegedly announced that Four Loko would be coming to Ireland late last year.

That announcement turned out to be a hoax, but fans of the beverage in these parts will be interested to learn that Four Brewing Company intend on bringing out a whole new line of Four Loko products this year, starting with Four Loko Frost and Four Loko Blaze.

Four Loko is sold in 23.5-fl. oz. (694 ml) cans and can contain up to 14% alcohol and the release of the new products follows on from 15 consecutive months of outpacing growth in the flavoured malt beverage market.

“Four Loko Bold Series is born out of nights that are a little bigger, a little crazier, and a little more unexpected,” said Phusion Projects president Jim Sloan.


“The line caters to consumers who dare to create their own unique and epic stories.”

No doubt there’ll be a few of those from this summer’s batch of J1 students; be sure to drink responsibly.