New Year's Eve Fail: The Top 5 Reasons Plans Always Fall Apart 8 years ago

New Year's Eve Fail: The Top 5 Reasons Plans Always Fall Apart

The biggest night out of the year can often be one of the most disappointing but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a few handy tips we’ve picked up over the years.

Going out too early


Never has the phrase 'it’s a marathon, not a sprint' been more apt than New Year’s Eve night. The entire point of the thing is to make sure you are upright and awake when the clock strikes 12 to welcome in the New Year. If you head to your local at three in the afternoon, you’re not going to make it to 12, and if you do, you certainly won’t remember anything about it. Pace yourself.

Going out too late

Linked to the first one, you must not make the mistake of thinking that New Year’s Eve is just like a normal Saturday night. People who never venture out are hitting the town on December 31. Your normal plan of hopping in a taxi at 10 to get a nice comfy seat by 10.30 isn’t going to cut it. Pubs that are normally as quiet as an Angela Merkel fan club meeting are packed to the rafters and the really good spots are going to be tricky to wedge yourself into. Best advice is head in about an hour earlier than you normally would. You should be grand.

Have a plan


Never, under any circumstances, head out on New Year’s Eve without a plan. It is not a night for having a wander and see what spot is buzzing. Everywhere is buzzing so everywhere will be worth a look. Pick a venue, make sure all your friends know where it is, and stick to the plan. Deviation from the plan leads to singing Aul Lang’s Syne on your own while a stranger puckers up to you.


Whether you get a lift in, get a taxi, bus, LUAS or horse-drawn carriage, traffic on New Year’s Eve will be tricky. Loads of people trying to get to the same place at the same time leads to delays. It’s going to happen but you will get there. Be patient, be understanding of the folks that are working to get you out on the town and leave a bit of wiggle room when it comes to meeting people. And as we said above, leave a bit earlier than normal.

Unforeseen circumstances


It is a night like no other, that’s why it is a great night out. But that also means mad stuff can happen. You could get your beard stuck in an escalator (men only problem). You could get your heel stuck in dodgy paving slab (covers both genders in our experience). You could meet a wizard and be sent off on an adventure. You could fall in love with your bus driver and never get off the 77. Be prepared for anything. Embrace the crazy. It’ll be worth it…

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