Nine outfits you have definitely seen men wear on a night out in Ireland 4 years ago

Nine outfits you have definitely seen men wear on a night out in Ireland

It's Saturday night. You're bound to see some of these while you're out and about tonight.

A night out in Ireland is a special experience. You see some things that you'd expect to see in a dream, rather than in the queue for Coppers. You meet some characters that seem like they belong in a movie, and you see some very, very interesting outfits. What's interesting about these outfits is that you tend to see the same ones. Over and over and over. Here's nine that you have definitely seen before.


The Penneys

No disrespect to him, or to Penneys, but there is always that one lad who will be wearing whatever new item of clothing they just got in store. In fairness to them, this means that they switch up their style a bit, and they never wear the same thing twice, but rest assured that whatever they are wearing was on the mannequin in Penneys the day before.

The lad who did his best


You have to hand it to this lad. He's gone for something different, and to be honest, it hasn't quite paid off. It's like when a lower league side try to take the game to Barcelona, and at the end of the game the commentator is like "They really had a go at it, but it didn't end up the way they would have wanted it to".

They go for something that just makes no sense, logistically, but it's exciting. You simply have to respect it.

The debs suit 


Alright, debs suit may be a bit of a stretch, but come on, you're just going to the pub for the match, there's absolutely no need for someone to show up in their Sunday best. Give the rest of us a chance for God's sake. We're here in the same sweater we wore last week and you've gone and worn a €200 shirt. Cop on...

The scruff

The exact opposite of the debs suit, this chap didn't make any sort of effort. I know we said casual, but don't show up in a dirty pair of trainers, jeans that are way too big and a hoody with a stain on it. We'll be doing well to get in anywhere at this rate.


The jumper and shirt combo

Simple, but effective. You know the type, the shirt collar just about visible above the top of the sweater.

It looks good, but you don't want to overdo it, or you'll be known as "jumper and shirt" for the rest of your life. And you don't want that.


The effortless wonder

This guy makes no effort, ever, but he always ends up looking great. He could show up in a poncho and a pair of cowboy boots and still look class. God knows how he does it, but you have to respect him, the lucky prick...

The very worst...

You know the type: a checkered shirt, tucked into a pair of Crosshatch jeans, with a pair of shiny brown shoes.

There is no saving grace for these people. Nothing positive to be said. It's a terrifying thing to have to witness, but you'll see it every night out, without a doubt.

The county colours.

No. Sorry. THIS is the worst.

Who in their right mind thinks "you know what looks nice with these jeans? My Galway jersey from 2009" before going on a night out? What is wrong with you?

Save your jerseys for training, please, we don't want to have to see that... Nobody does.

The wannabe 

Look, you aren't Conor McGregor, so don't show up to a nightclub that charges €5 at the door and €10 for three 3 jagerbombs three-piecepiece suit. You'll just look silly.

If you've got it, flaunt it. If you don't, for the love of God, don't.