Homework in Irish primary schools could soon be a thing of the past 6 years ago

Homework in Irish primary schools could soon be a thing of the past

Where was this petition when we were in primary school?

The Oireachtas Petitions Committee will discuss today whether homework in primary schools should be completely scrapped, off the back of the "Eradicate homework for children in Primary School" petition.


Maria Doyle, the president of the Irish Primary Principals' Network, told Newstalk: "Every single school has a homework policy which must be constructed with parental involvement, and it never ceases to amaze me that parents don't have a bigger say in what format this homework takes."

"In other words: what do the children enjoy doing, and what is it there for? It used to be there you see that home knew what was going on in school - now I think that day, that ship has sailed."

"Because now what children need to be doing at home is project work, research, that type of thing - where children are given tasks to do where it's not an extension of, or worse again, work that wasn't addressed in school".

So, once again, where was this petition back when we were all in primary school?? This is just like spending all of those years spending money on CDs like fools, only for Spotify to come along and give it all away practically for free!


Kids these days, don't know how we'll they've got it, grumble, grumble, etc., etc...