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Not so hot stuff: 70% of Irish women prefer hot chocolate to sex
Either hot chocolate is really, really good, or we're really, really bad at...well, y'know.

Either hot chocolate is really, really good, or we're really, really bad at...well, y'know.

Well lads, it's official, no matter what we try, we're always going to come second to chocolate in the lives of our ladies, in particular hot chocolate.

A survey commissioned by Cadburys has found that seven out of 10 females in Ireland would choose hot chocolate over sex on a Monday evening after coming home tired and exhausted from work. The research team questioned almost 1,000 people, so this terrible news is fairly authoritative.

However, there were a few other findings which are also of interest, and would show us that not all hope is lost. Results show that one in five Irish people consider hot chocolate an aphrodisiac, while over half (51%) of Irish women think men who drink hot chocolate are caring, which is much better news.

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate

That's not all that the #HotStuff research revealed however, as it also had a look at who Irish men and Irish women think are 'hot stuff', hence the name. The hottest Irish actress that most Irish men would like to bring a hot chocolate in bed to is Amy Huberman (34%), while Victoria Smurfit (14%) and Caroline Morahan (13%) were close behind.

Unsurprisingly, Huberman was most popular amongst males living in Dublin and the rest of Leinster but was less popular amongst Munster, Connacht and Ulster males.

One in four Irish females voted Liam Neeson as the hottest Irish actor they would like to bring them a hot chocolate in bed, and he was followed closely by Colin Farrell (19%) and Michael Fassbender (14%) in second and third place respectively.

So while there is a touch of bad news in these findings, if you can pull off a decent Liam Neeson impression and you bring your lovely lady a Cadbury drinking Chocolate, Cadbury Highlights, Cadbury Wispa or Cadbury Bournville Cocoa, you might be in with a much better chance than if you try your luck empty handed.


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