One-limbed man creates a terrifyingly brilliant zombie prank 8 years ago

One-limbed man creates a terrifyingly brilliant zombie prank

You would absolutely ploop your pants in public if you saw this gory guy scuttling over the floor towards you.

Nick Santonastasso is a young American who was born with only one arm due to the rare condition Hanhart Syndrome. Instead of feeling sorry for himself or struggling to get by in life, however, Nick decided to make the most of his physical appearance and did exactly what any sane person in his situation would do… apply gory make-up and turn yourself into a crazed, one-limbed, brain-eating zombie and terrorise unsuspecting customers in your local shopping centre.


According to a story in The Metro, Nick has been doing just that and has taken to applying zombie make-up and charging at shoppers in a supermarket in New Jersey - sh*t-scared shoppers who then fall to the floor and throw all manner of household items at him in complete terror.

It is absolutely genius and hilarious in equal measure and thankfully Nick has been kind enough to record these evil encounters. Check them out:

His friends have even launched an online petition for him to feature in hit zombie TV show The Walking Dead and, here at JOE, we're completely behind him. Mainly because we're so scared of him and don't want this to happen to us the next time we're in the frozen vegetable section of Superquinn.